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Saturday, 27 June 2009

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Friday, 26 December 2008

How to insert a map in your blog

How To put Google Map in blog :

By following these basic instructions you can publish a Google Map of the location you like in your blog. It can be done in a post or sidebar. With no programming experience. If you can set links in your blog you can set a map as well. See examples with sidebar map or one with posted map.

  1. Prepare the design of your map.
    What are you going to display? Following parameters should be chosen before you start editing the source code:
    center coordinates (lng,lat)
    zoom setting 0...17
    dimensions of the map (width, height) in pixels
    map type(map/satellite/hybrid)

    You can also set:
    map type buttons or not
    zoom slider or small control buttons

    You can quickly study and set those parameters on this design aid page.
    find the location quickest by dragging the left map
    decide the size
    find the zoom
    write down the coordinates
  2. Get the Google Maps API key
  3. Open the template of your blog

Following more detail for insert map or google map google earth in blog :

or other one

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